“Now that I have had a chance to catch my breath, I want to thank you again for helping my sister and I in placing my mother in her new home. We had been in a state of panic, as you can recall, and you were right there for us in finding the appropriate placement. She has made a very smooth adjustment and really loves her new home. Janet and I are so happy to have mom so close to us because we are able to visit all the time. I feel we made a great choice considering the circumstances. Thanks again for all your efforts.”” – Janeth & Gina R.


“Gladys was able to do for us what we could never have hoped to do for ourselves. In Gladys’s capable hands, we quickly developed confidence that we would find the best facility for our father, one which would meet his specific needs and wants at an affordable and appropriate price. Gladys met with and evaluated our father in an extremely compassionate and understanding way, putting him at ease and giving him comfort that this move would result in a level of comfort that otherwise would not have been possible….  Thank You!!!” – Liza J.


“On behalf of my brother, sister and myself, I want to thank you for the assistance. We are thrilled to have my mother located in Palmdale near my brother. Again thank you for helping us with this matter.” – Tony G.


“Finding a place for mom was a overwhelming task for my sister and I as we wanted to make sure that mom ends up in the best possible home! After doing my own research and touring facilities, I was quickly discouraged because I did not like what I found! After contacting Gladys at New Horizon Senior Care, I was speechless in the quality of homes in their network. Thank You!” – Mary H.